Publié le 28/09/2022

Setup your company in Morocco

By Youssef Ouaziz

Setup your company in Morocco

The desire to be independent, the taste for entrepreneurship, the desire to take up new challenges, the desire to earn more: all are motivations that lead many people to embark on entrepreneurship and create their own businesses. So, what are the steps to Setup your company in Morocco? What is the cost for each step ?

1) Choose a social denomination

To choose a name for your future company, you must do it so through the OMPIC platform which will issue you a “negative certificate” with a validity period of 3 months.

  • Time limit :24 to 48 hours (depending on OMPIC response time).
  • The cost :147.75 MAD including tax

2) Write the statutes

The statutes of the company bring together all the rules that govern the relationship between the partners and also the relationship with third parties. Concretely, the statutes define:

  • The legal form of the company (SARL, SA, etc.)
  • Purpose of the business (activity)
  • The corporate name of the company
  • The head office (domiciliation or lease)
  • Lifespan (usually 99 years)
  • The amount of share capital
  • The identity of contributors and the distribution of capital between them
  • The leaders (manager, CEO, etc.)
  • Other essential rules in the life of a company (increase and reduction of capital, transfer of shares, holding of meetings, etc.)

The statutes should be legalized by all the partners and then registered (by an accountant, lawyer, notary).

  • Time limit :24H.
  • The cost: Between 3,000 DH including tax to 10,000 DH including tax.

3) Registration for Professional Tax (TP)

An application for registration (AAC050B-20I) for Professional Tax is drawn up and filed with the Tax Administration ( The latter issues a Professional Tax (TP) registration certificate which includes a registration number and an activity which will be the basis of your business tax.

  • Time limit :48 hours (depending on the response time of the tax authorities)
  • The cost :0 MAD including VAT.

4) Registration in the Trade Register (RC)

Registration in the commercial register constitutes the birth certificate of the company. The court issues an extract from the RC which includes a registration number.

The documents required for registration in the commercial register:

  1. Declaration of registration in the commercial register
  2. Two copies of the statutes
  3. Two copies of the lease contract/domiciliation contract
  4. Professional tax certificate
  5. Identity documents of partners and managers
  • Time limit : Between 24 hours to a week (depending on the appointment).
  • The cost :350 MAD including VAT.

5) Elaboration of the stamp of the company

The company stamp or stamp is required for affixing to company documents and correspondence. It is also for the continuation of the administrative procedures of creation.

  • Time limit :24H.
  • The cost :120 MAD including tax.

6) Obtaining a Tax ID (IF) number

A request to obtain a Tax ID is drawn up and filed with the Tax Administration. The latter issues a Tax ID number.

  • Time limit :48 hours (depending on the response time of the tax authorities).
  • The cost :0 MAD including VAT.

7) Affiliation to the CNSS

Affiliation to the CNSS is not compulsory at the time of creation. It may be carried out later after the creation process has been completed. All companies in Morocco are subject to the social security system and mandatory health insurance. The CNSS issues a certificate which includes an affiliation number.

  • Time limit :Immediate.
  • The cost :0 MAD including tax.

8) Advertising

After registration in the Trade Register and within a period not exceeding one month, two advertisements are mandatory in the legal announcements journal and in the Official Bulletin.

  • Time limit :24H to 48H (depending on the response of the publication medium).
  • The cost :600 MAD including tax.


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